Table of contents

What does PLINKIT.IN provide Game Designers?

  • PLINKIT.IN offers a non-exclusive digital marketplace to offer your games for free or to sell to customers.

How much does PLINKIT.IN charge designers?

  • There are no charges to a game designer for participating either to sell or offer a free product on
  • Game Designers will receive 50% of the sale price of their game.

How are payments handled?

  • PLINKIT.IN will issue payment to game designers within 30 days of reaching the minimum threshold of ₹1000.
  • Payments are made through an online payment channel preferred by the designer.
Does PLINKIT.IN take ownership of the content I upload?
  • PLINKIT.IN does not take ownership of your game. 
  • You may sell your game on other sites if desired.

How is pricing of my game handled?

  • PLINKIT.IN will suggest a recommended price
  • The game designer may decide what to charge for the game
  • All prices are in ₹25 increments
  • You may designate your game as a free product
    PLINKIT.IN reserves the right to remove any game.
    • Game designers will receive a notification of their game being removed with written explanation for the removal.
    How do I remove my game from PLINKIT.IN?
    • Send an email to or requesting that you would like your game removed with the name of the game/link. We will comply within 48 hours.